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Treatment Systems

  • Soil Vapor Extraction / Air Sparging

  • Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems

  • System Maintenance / Decommissioning

  • GAC Replacements

  • Dewatering Systems

  • ORC / HRC Applications

  • In-Situ Chemical Injections

  • Enhanced Bioremediation

  • Biosolve Injections

Enviro Drilling's Treatment systems are constructed to meet your project needs.  We can install, operate and decommission sub-slab depressurization systems, air sparge/vapor extraction and dewatering systems.   We can also inject chemicals for the in-situ treatment of soil and groundwater.  All work is performed effectively using our own equipment.



Approximately 7 acres in area, located in the southern portion of Queens, New York,  the site was formally utilized as a dumping area.  During the developement of 3 new individual commerival buildings,  Enviro Driling installed  active sub-slab depresuriation systems and  methane abatement systems in all three buildings. The systems consisted of passive and active sub-slab recovery lines and a series of blowers that draws sub-slub air via a network of perforated pipes.  The system also includes a detection system with sensors located in each buliding that are connected to control panels located in each building's utility room.  After the system installation, Enviro Drilling started the system and tested it.  The systems is currently running in full compliance assuring the health and safetly of the commerical tenants, thier employes and customers.

Located in Jamaica Queens in the vicinity of residential and commerical properties, the site consists of an active commerical building constructed on a fomer gasoline station with an active New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Spill Number.  Enviro Drilling installed a Air Sparge/Vapor Extraction System consisting of 5 air sparge wells, 11 vapor excavation wells, and approptriate blowers, electricity and shed.  The system was successfully installed and is currently remediating groundwater contamination.

A developement site located in the Garment District of NYC, the remeidal injection was peformed in an expidited manor prior to the excavation of foundations.  Enviro Drillings Geoprobes and pumps injected a chemical oxidadants, and bioremedial solutions through 82 injection points to a depth of approximately 10 feet below grade.  The injection was successful in remediating the groundwater contamination beneath the site.


Air Sparge Vapor Extraction System