Enviro Drilling’s fleet of geoprobes can access diverse areas, whether it be our hand held geoprobe for limited height clearance and confined spaces, our tractor or truck mounted goeprobe units for construction sites with uneven surfaces or heavy vegetation, our remote auger machine for interior access to install probes and monitoring wells, or our geoprobe 7822 DT for installing geotechnical borings and rock coring, we’ve got you covered!

Our Fleet

Geoprobe 7822DT

The Geoprobe® Model 7822DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas and a sufficient stroke for added work space under the hammer.   It has many new advantages to offer in all types of field conditions including:

*  Geotechincal and Environmental Auguring

*  Rock Coring

*  Mud Rotary

*  Hollow Stem

*  Installation of small and large diameter monitoring wells

*  78" probe cylinder stroke uses 60" probe rods

*  Equipped with Geoprobe's powerful GH63 hammer

Geoprobe 6620DT

*Equipped with the powerful GH62 Hammer

*Heavy Duty Undercarriage has a wider track that carries more weight, adds more torque, reduces ground pressure and handles greater tool weight

*Wireless remote control

*Powered by a turbo diesel engine

*The 12-inch tracks allow this direct push machine to be used on concrete and pavement as well as off-road and rugged terrain.  

*The machine is equipped with angering capabilities for both environmental and geotechincal work

Tractor Mounted 54TR

*Designed for sampling activities where high volume shallow sampling is required

 (such as waste characterization testing).

*Rubber tires and four-wheel-drive capability

*Easy Movement Around the Site

*Small Compact Size.

Truck Mounted 5400

*Convenient and Versatile

*5410 GeoProbe hammer

*Trucks have 4 X 4 capabilities

*Install soil probes, monitoring wells and soil vapor probes to deep depths.

*Core through concrete and asphalt

Portable Hollow Stem Auger Remote Equipment

Portable Hollow Stem Auger Remote Equipment.

*Great for drilling interior geotechincal borings

*Installs borings down to 70 Feet.

Tripod With Cathead

Portable Geotechincal Equipment

*Enters tight spaces inside or outside of buildings.

*Borings can be installed up to 27 feet below grade.

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